Depressing Discussion

So the other day I was just typing away on my computer at work, when I overhead two of my Chinese colleagues chatting. It’s not like I wanted to eavesdrop or anything, it’s just that I understood what they said that my brain automatically processed each and every word. And this happened a lot, like I could understand most conversations in Mandarin so basically I know more secrets than others, which is somewhat uncomfortable on my part.

I’d usually just pretend I hear nothing.

Anyways, the conversation I overheard was pretty depressing. To cut it short, they were talking about the Industrial Revolution whereby in the near future, Artificial Intelligence will rule us all. And people like us, whom jobs are closely related and easily replaced by technology, will definitely be at lost. Even now, softwares are our best friends and help tremendously in our work.

That got me thinking, if I have any other skills that can help me survive the future, once technology takes over. Does origami count? Or maybe I should start on that book manuscript I’ve been putting off for long, just in case. Will people still read paperbacks though by then?

Then, the conversation took a turn to the topic of success. Colleague 1 was saying that he has a friend who works as a remisier (imagine The Wolf of Wall Street), who seems like he’s living the dream; expensive car, good commissions, connections to the wealthy etc. Colleague 2, in a somewhat dejected way, said that he felt small whenever he met up with his friends because they seem to be more successful when he’s the one who work the hardest.

Thing is, we all live our lives differently, our idea of success differs from each other. And how we perceive the word ‘success’ itself will determine how we feel about it. We all live in our own timeline and it does not have to align to others’. Some of our friends might be earning much more in life but they must have had their struggles, hardships that they dont show to the world. Others may not be wealthy financially but they may have ample time to spend with their loved ones. It’s an imperfect world; we dont get everything we want. But we learn to live in content with everything that we have.

‘Bahagia itu bukan memiliki apa yang kita mahu. Bahagia itu adalah sikap kita pada apa yang kita ada.’

Happiness is not about having what we want to have. It’s about our attitude to what we already have. I guess learning to be thankful and appreciating what’s already in our grasp helps a lot in building a more positive outlook in life.


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