Runaway Love

There was a charming guy among the lot,

His being silenced every noise,

With his droopy eyes and dreamy look.

He turned her stomach in knots,

By the sound of his voice,

Her soul mercilessly hooked.


The colors of her cheeks rose,

She fiercely blushed,

At the warm kiss of the Sun.

Her intense eyes made time froze,

How his heart rushed,

Beating fast in a never-ending run.


Under a willow tree they sat,

On a bench perfectly fit for two,

Her head resting on his shoulder.

Reminiscing on the day they first met,

A tale of love so pure, innocent and true,

Saying their vows for the future.


Days passed and years gone by,

Their life transformed,

When a bundle of joy was born.

With the little one for her to occupy,

Happiness threatened by a storm,

For he had found another love and left her forlorn.


Forever is nothing more than a word,

And words are meant to be kept and broken,

For hearts easily waver and stray.

Just like that happy endings were deterred,

When he chose to break the unbroken,

And she wondered if love ever returns when it runs away.


I wrote this for two people who are dear to me. The guy cheated on his wife while she was in confinement after delivering their first baby. Here I am thinking if true love exists when confessing love and breaking promises is just that easy.

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