Let Good People Be

It honestly boggles my mind that people would have a problem with others who do good or do nothing wrong, just because it does not align with their thinking or principle.

Shouldn’t that be the main goal of humankind; to be good? Or at least to try?

Now and then, I felt trapped in the world of immaturity, where the people around me act like a bunch of teenagers who would ridicule their peers just because they think or do things differently. Which further proves that grown ups can be immature and age is, really, just a number.

If I’m doing something that will put me at a position of loss, it’s understandable if you choose to talk me out of doing it. But what if what I’m doing is actually right and justified despite being at loss, are you still calling me out for doing it?

Yes, just because an act is right and justified, does not necessarily mean that you gain a favor or prize in return. Nobody is gonna reward us for the time we spend tidying up the classroom but we do it anyway. Nobody is gonna praise us for keeping the public toilet clean before and after we use them but we do it anyway. Nobody is gonna pay us a penny for each trash we pick up along the street but we do it anyway.

Because doing good is not about others, it is about us. It builds our character; one that is kind, respectful, mindful and good. The world is a tough crowd, but good people makes it bearable. So, if we cant find one, be one.

The next time we see people doing good, join them. But if we cant, let’s do the world a favor and just let good people be.

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