Out Of Love

I’m listening to Alessia Cara at the moment, hence the title.

Just writing because I’m tired. The kind of tired that even morning coffee dont seem to work but I still drink it to fool myself that it does when all it ever really did was made me shit.

Anyways, I gotta struggle for this week and the next to commit to all the deadlines at work. Hopefully I’ll get it all done before my next ‘adventure’ which I’ll write about in future post. Let’s try not to succumb to the hectic work schedule for now.  *pats myself on the back* 

On another hand, thank you for revealing to me a part of yourself, dear Moon. It’s like you’re waiting for me to notice before making way for the Sun to shine. It’s amazing how a mere sight of that beautiful morning held the power to enlivening my day.

La Luna

Thank you for setting and made the sky glow with such a strong orange hue, dear Sun. That way, I could stop typing on my computer for at least a minute, peep through the curtain blinds by my desk and feast my eyes on you.

La Solis

All those heavy the burdens may hunch your back, but never ever bow down and let the many shades of the colors of skies goes unnoticed.

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