2021 in Retrospect

It has been more than a year since my last entry.


Life certainly has been hectic, a lot has been going on. A WHOLE LOT.

Let’s recap all the events worth mentioning.


We (my bestfriend and I) got married. Despite COVID still raging on persistently around the world, our solemnisation and wedding ceremony went smoothly albeit a lot of guests cancelled at the very last minute due to a surge of COVID cases just a day before the wedding.

However, Mr Husband had to went back to his hometown abruptly 2 days after the wedding as he needed to pack before moving in for good. And due to the COVID surge, the government decided to implement MCO (movement control order) across states, again. So yeah, we went through a long distance relationship for the whole month.

What a way to cut short a newly-weds’ happiness huh.


We finally moved in together.

Rented a place to ourselves, with just a bed and closet for starters.

Nothing else mattered as long as we had each other.


Had the wedding on Mr Husband’s side.


Our first Ramadhan together as a married couple.

Cooked every weekend and also had a go at burnt cheesecake for the very first time.



Our first Syawal together as a married couple.

Due to MCO (again), none of us could travel back to our hometown. So, we celebrated Syawal in the city.


We started getting our vaccination appointments.

Was supposed to get the jab at the same date as Mr Husband, but guess what. I could not.

A day before the supposedly vaccination date, we found out that we’re expecting.

I was 5 week old pregnant.


I got a fever, coughing and flu. A day after recovering, I decided to go for the PCR-RTK test as I was in close contact with my mom who just found out she was COVID positive.

And my result came in positive as well. While Mr Husband remained negative, although we were in close contact with each other.

Anyways, I ended up in quarantine with my parents who were also COVID positive.

We went to the CAC (COVID Assessment Centre) and were told to quarantine at home. But somehow KKM /MOH (Ministry of Health) found out I was pregnant and signed me up to be quarantined at one of the quarantine centers (MAEPS Serdang) because apparently I was considered to be in the ‘high-risk’ group. So off I went to MAEPS Serdang with a heavy heart.

Since, I had recovered from the fever-flu combination, I had no other COVID symptoms except for my loss of taste and smell, so being quarantined in MAEPS was not really that bad. Overall, it was like staying in a hostel dormitory, where meals and medicines are taken care of. We had daily oxygen and health check-ups. And for those who had little to no symptoms left, we were allowed to return home sooner.

And I was one of those who went home sooner than everybody else, Alhamdulillah.


Had my 1st and 2nd dose of vaccination.

Thankfully, there were no side effects for me and the baby in my belly.

However, I was not as lucky when it comes to the booster shot. But that calls for another entry.

That was all for 2021, at least the memorable ones.

My hands are currently full, so do stay tuned for more entries to come.

Till then, stay safe and sound!

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