New Beginning

My apologies for not posting any updates since November 2020. I’m doing well, fret not, albeit I’ve been a wee bit occupied in preparation of something huge; which is what this particular post is mainly about (am sure the featured image signifies it somehow).

Firstly, allow me to recap briefly on the happenings of 2020.

A lot had happened.

All the good, bad and ugly moments life has got to offer, I’ve willingly extended my hand.

I’ve gotten in touch with my spiritual energy on a deeper level in 2020. All the surprises the year brought to me has made me realize that no matter how organized my schedule looks like or no matter how orderly I’ve set my goals and plans for life, things will spiral out of control when it does. And there is nothing I can do except, well, to get a little down and panicked, and then reassure myself that it’s normal for things to not go my way, for God Knows Best and may point me in another direction, a better one, and that is most definitely okay. All I should do is to work towards what I want and ultimately put my faith in the All-Knowing God, that the sky may seem bleak and the sudden downpour may soak me yet the Sun sets unfailingly every other day.

Besides all the unseen circumstances – of cancelled trips and heartbreaking issues – that I eventually got used to, 2020 was definitely one of the best years of my life. A few memorable moments to note, it was the year I was thankfully given the chance to do my pilgrimage to Mecca and Madinah in Saudi Arabia (before the pandemic barred cross-country travels) and I also got into a relationship and got engaged to a very dear friend of mine after more than a decade of friendship.

So it is sufficed to say that 2021 is all about committing to a new beginning.

For on 8th of January, I was married to my fiancé.

Our relationship has spanned for years, since 2008, from being mere high school classmates, to being gamemates, to being coursemates (in different Universities) to sharing the same professional working field (in different companies) to finally opening our hearts to each other in 2020. We have talked and shared about a whole lot of things (games, studies, relationships, work, life in general) and here’s to sharing a whole lot more of our future together.

Here’s to wishing for a better 2021 as a whole.

Here’s for all the goodness despite the bad, for all the lights in spite of the surrounding darkness and ultimately, for all the love to feel, share, give and receive abundantly, between one another.

Stay safe and sound.

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