On Dreams

There’s a saying that goes, ‘If someone appears in your dream, it’s either you’re missing that someone or that someone is missing you’ . To be honest, it’s a beautiful saying but a wee bit unconvincing to me. The most logical saying should be, ‘If someone appears in your dream, that someone is in your thoughts’ . The thought of that person- a person who made or ruin your day or a person who flickers in your mind for no absolute reason at all- will manifest into a dream. Apparently our minds are also incapable of conjuring the faces of people out of thin air. Let’s be real here, we’re not the Almighty God. So in case you’re dreaming of a stranger, well, that stranger is most definitely someone you’ve met in your life, like someone that passed by you on the streets etc. You probably wont remember that person’s face with a glance because, who in the world can? However, without realising, the faces are photographed in your mind.

Anyways, being in someone’s thoughts may not necessarily mean being missed. Say, someone might just be thinking of how much of a prick you are and how much that someone hate your guts. And you might be attacked by a machete in that someone’s dream. You might be talking to or about that person on something earlier that day and your mind might just decide to project that person in your sleep later that night, in dreamlike ridiculousness. You might also be thinking of a person you have not seen in ages, in which case, yes, you might be dreaming of that person because you actually miss that person.

But to say you’re dreaming of a particular person because that person is missing you? Sounds like wishful thinking to me. Like I’ve dreamnt of meeting G-Dragon before but I aint saying he missed me. He probably will always have zero knowledge whatsoever about my existence, a notion that I’m entirely okay with. #nothardcore

I cannot say much about dreams as a God-given clue though. Because, well, I can talk about logic in my own limited understanding but I’m so not an expert in interpreting dreams religiously, which I think is a God-given talent.

In a nutshell, if you find yourself dreaming of a person you have not met in a long time, go say hello. Doing so might just help clear one out of the thousand things that are inhabiting your mind, no matter how trivial of a thought it is.

10 thoughts on “On Dreams

  1. I wonder why people are concerning so much about the dreams even though they’re aware that is just a dream no matter what, no matter how beautiful that is.

    But when I look at my self who dreams so much about the world I experience it only in dream, I believe the world of dream is the other world that exists for real just another world beside the world the we live today.

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    1. Yes, I agree with you! The world in our dreams can be weird but it’s a different world. And the dream world might be the better world for some, even if it’s just for a little while.

      Tapi kan, mimpi itu cuma mainan tidur, cuma wujud saat kita istirehat. Seindah manapun mimpi, suatu saat kita harus bangun dari tidur dan berdepan realiti kan? 🙂

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      1. I see, you mean if we learn this ‘ilm, somehow we’ll be able to control our dreams and they will feel like reality? That’s interesting, kind of like the movie Inception.


      2. No. This is not a type of a lucid dream. We’ll never be able control this dream, we only get to train ourselves to be ready whenever this type of no ordinary dream comes. Only those who has been chosen that can experience this mighty love.

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