THC Is Out!

Around April last year, my writer friend Zamir approached me for another one of his writing projects. He was thinking of writing a book on Psychology. Having a little too much on his hands, he asked for my help to co-write the book. Since his idea was to introduce to the public on the various psychological effects that can be observed through the behaviors of society, an easily-fathomable explanation are deemed sufficient and acceptable. Although, each topics written do include reference to viable and trusted sources. Besides that, several psychologist actually ‘proof-read’ the book before it is published.

THC is for everybody. It is for me, you and our surroundings. It is for those who are curious to how and why human beings react and behave, given certain situations and circumstances. THC is also for all of us to embrace and accept the various aspects of human behaviors and complexities, to be liberated from our own ignorance and ultimately to understand each other in a world that is more often than not, misunderstanding and judgmental.

The book is finally out for pre-order! Patriots Publication is offering 3 book for RM 75. The normal price is RM 28 per book.

p.s. : The book is in Bahasa Melayu/Malay.


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