I’ve watched ‘The Dude In Me’ recently, on the tVN channel. I’d say I’m impressed with Jung Jin Young’s acting this time around plus the film has the right amount of humor and action scenes to be deemed sufficiently enjoyable by many.

I honestly could not recall seeing Jung Jin Young as an actor besides his role in the ‘Love in The Moonlight’ drama. He’ll always portray the ‘idol’ image to me, ever since I started listening to B1A4, like 8 years ago. He’s also a great song composer. Nevertheless, he did pretty great as an actor.

Talking about his image though, it’s impressive how it progresses from:

An anime-character looking guy



Every girl’s high school crush




Which reminds me that ‘OK’ by B1A4 randomly appeared in my Spotify playlist while I was riding the train last week. It was introduced by one of my roommates back when I was taking my Diploma. 8 years later, I’m all smiles listening to it.

How time flies huh.

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