2018 Reading Challenge

In previous years back when I was still studying, I used to set my reading goals to 30 books per year. Sadly, I barely read half the amount.

Hence, in 2017, I promised myself to read 11 books. I know, 11 was not a big number, honestly a huge decrease from my initial goals. But ever since I started working, it has been really hectic and I’ve set 11 just to test myself, if I could achieve at least that much. And I did! I’ve successfully read 11 books in 2017.

In 2018, I increased my goal to read a total of 24 books a year.


Yep, successfully achieved that too, despite a hectic schedule, occasional reading slumps and everything. I brought one additional book, The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas during my trip to Turkey and successfully finished reading it in a day because the journey in the bus was too long to be spent by solely looking out the window the whole time, no matter how mesmerizing the view was.

Unlike 2017, my read list in 2018 was pretty diverse, language and genre wise. I tried some non-fictions and included some Malay and Indonesian books into the list. One of those were written by my good old friend, The Physicist’s Odyssey by Zamir Mohyedin (whom I called prof).

All in all, my 2018 year in books have been great. Some of the books I’ve read were impactful, others not so much. But I loved them all.

Here’s to reading more this year!


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