As I got older, I’ve realized that a lot of things that used to matter to me 5 years ago, seems pretty much trifling now.

Like every time it’s my birthday I’d yearn for people to wish me, for my classmates to sing me a birthday song, for my friends to treat me to something nice to eat, you know, basically the usual happy stuff that equals to a birthday celebration.

But now that I turned 24, I do not really yearn for any of that. They all seems so trivial to me. I’m okay with not getting a wish, without any birthday song. I kept my birth date hidden on my Facebook page. Hence, those who wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ were people who actually remembered, and this year they were (they’re worth mentioning):

-my family (always),

-my best friend from primary school (we were both born on the same date but different months),

-my best friend for 10 years, and

-my classmate from Uni whom I’m not even that closed with.

Thank you to all of these people and a bunch of others who wished me well and many happy returns on the day I turned 24.

24 sounds quite young, but I honestly feel old. Old but not as wise.

I’ve achieved things that I’ve never imagined achieving today. One of them is writing on a more serious note, shared on a platform to thousands of readers. And I guess reaching the 1 year mark as a working adult is an achievement as well.

Here’s to being wiser in the future. Here’s to sharing and brightening the Universe with much kindness, sensitivity, inspiration and thoughtfulness. Here’s to always staying true to myself. Here’s to being me.

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