I’ve been on hiatus apparently. Lol.

To be honest, I actually planned to permanently neglect this blog of mine, since my hands are already full with my Tumblr and Lettrs account as well as my personal journal. Not to mention no one’s gonna read this.

Anyways, I accidentally came upon my schoolmate’s blog (blogspot) which was also abandoned years ago. And somehow she actually wrote stuff, which included my name. It made me smiled, the nostalgic feelings though. Too bad I’ve already deleted mine long ago, so I can’t really laugh and mock myself for writing so naively back then.

Thing’s been going okay for me. I’ve been active in gaming lately, unfortunately dosing down on books. Still struggling to finish off my current read (The Lies Boys Tell). The assignments are piling up this semester, with most of them require site visits and meeting people. And I no longer stay in the hostel, I’m renting somewhere near my Uni for this semester.

Nothing major happened. No life changing moments. Although, I won’t be using the F3 as much as I used to, because apparently no one’s gonna be replying the same thing as much anymore.

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