So the last time I posted was like over a month ago. My promises and goals went down the drain, it seems. What’s been happening? Well, not much.

Oh my sister got engaged though. And the final examination just started yesterday. Had ELC500 paper for today and it was pretty damn confusing. Still managed to finish it 30 minutes early though. Alhamdulillah. Future papers will be next week hoyeahh.

Before I forgot, wait is it forgot or forget hahaha. Its forget alright. So, before I forget, I went to the BBW the other day with Kakak and Esther. It was great this time around as I actually got a couple of good books, as compared to the last time I was there. The picture’s in my phone, so well yeah, I’ll just list what I bought. 6 books for RM48.00.

1. Black Swan Green by David Mitchell

2. If You’re Reading This I’m Already Dead by Andrew Nicholl

3. This Is How You Lose Her by Junot Diaz

4. Survivor by Chuck Palahniuk

5. The Luzhin Defense by Vladimir Nabokov

6. The Extinction Club by Jeffrey Moore

When I was in Kuching for my convocation, I accidentally came across Second Time Around Books where they sell books at prices ranges from RM3-RM10 if I’m not mistaken. They came to Uitm Samarahan once, and I bought 2 books at that time which was The Liars’ Club and Running With Scissors. So, you can somehow imagin how excited I was when I saw them in Kuching the other day. Ended up powing my dad  to buy me 2 books which was The Lies Boys Tell by Lamar Herrin and Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison. Despite knowing the increasing height of my TBR pile, my Dad still bought me those. Thanks ayah, love you 🙂

My TBR pile at the moment comprises of 14 books = 6 books from BBW, 2 from Second Time Around Books, 2 I bought from Kino and haven’t had the chance to read yet (The Catcher in the Rye & On The Road) and another 4 I bought from the Borders book sale or sthg a while back. Guess they’re all gonna be my 2015 Reading Challenge.

Moving on.

I dont plan to write prettily or bombastically or kind of poetic similar to my writing style on my Lettrs account, here. I’ve summarized 2014 there, in the most beautiful and honest phrases I could come up with. Because why not?

Just want to say that although no one’s reading this, and maybe no one’ll ever read the stuff I wrote here, it has been a vivid year for me, for most of us I guess. And I thank my Lord for every good, bad and ugly moments of this year, while they last.

May future moments be forever more and long-lasting, astoundingly beautiful.

Have a great year ahead and take care, people.

Selamat Tahun Baru 🙂

CR: Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, pg 258 (heck yeah, halfway towards the end)

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